what’s not so that you can refine your strategies to get the maximum returns

Your brand should speak for yourself. When you have established your brand, think about ways to integrate it into your social marketing. This could be as simple as adding your logo to posts or including a hashtag for your company. It can also mean highlighting your employees. Metter Media has created this branding. A quick glance at their Instagram homepage will reveal company colors, their team and give you an idea about who they are. You have many options to engage your audience, including Instagram Q&As and Twitter polls. Interactive content is a great way to inform your audience about your products and to build relationships with them.

You can think about how your audience interacts and how you could add your company to that mix. It is possible to ask your audience which type of content they want to see on Instagram stories. The example below shows how the story of a food blogger starts by rehashing previous Social Media marketing agency recipes with links back to the relevant blog posts. Let’s say that you want to increase clicks for blog posts from the past. Ask your followers to vote on which type of post they prefer. Include a link to each option in the next section of your story.

When you start posting on social networks, spend more time creating visual content. Images with images get more views and clicks on average than texts-only posts. Instagram is not the only place to post visual content. Tweet a humorous meme about your workplace culture on LinkedIn or post an infographic on Facebook that gives viewers a fast tour through your office. TikTok, IGTV or both? If you haven’t, we recommend adding these channels to your strategy. Your content should be viewed by one billion users.

You can diversify your brand by updating apps or creating new apps. TikTok lets you upload a dance video to showcase your company’s humorous side. Upload your podcast to IGTV if it’s a podcast you are interested in bringing to visual audiences. Look for influencers within your industry to pitch partnerships. For a budget-friendly alternative, you can look at the way influencers brand their content. You may be able incorporate some of these ideas into your strategy. As a pro you can update and sync your content like a pro. Now, it’s time for you to make this content unique. Your high-definition videos can be saved for Facebook and your meme posts for Twitter.

Make sure that all content you diversify is related to your company’s objectives and mission. While it’s not necessary to post a recipe of falafel on the Instagram account of your marketing company, an infographic showing the perfect caption for each ingredient would be a powerful, on-the-spot example. You can use the memes of the moment to add some humor and excitement to your channels. Seasons are an alternative to memes.

Even for social media professionals, keeping content fresh can be difficult. There is a lot of pressure these days, as it seems that the trends are constantly changing. It can feel like you’re jumping down a rabbit tunnel. These tips will keep your current on how to organize your page and upgrade your content. You can find more inspiration in our ultimate guide to marketing social media.

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