Injury Prevention for Novice Runners

Your feet can take you wherever you want and enable you to do the things you love. As we mentioned, your foot health is directly related to your overall well-being. Early detection of problems in the lower limbs may indicate other potentially life-threatening medical conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes. It’s important to take the time to learn about your feet and what you can expect as you get older. This will help you understand what’s normal, and what should be addressed.

Although feet may show signs of health issues, they are not always a sign that there is an issue. You will experience normal changes in your feet as you age. However, many of the foot problems we see can easily be prevented by wearing custom orthotics or addressing any ill-fitting footwear. These and other measures aren’t difficult to implement. Simple daily habits can make all the difference in keeping your feet healthy, even as you age.

This is something that we recommend to our diabetic patients. However, it is also applicable to anyone who is beginning to reach older ages. This is a big part of finding problems early and treating them as soon as possible. Every day, take the time to examine your feet for changes. Be aware of your foot color and texture. Also, pay attention to any unusual swelling or changes in your feet, ankles and toes.

You can reduce the risk of dry and cracked skin, which is more common as we age. To do this, you should moisturize your feet with a suitable moisturizer. You should target the top, bottom, and sides of your feet. Avoid the area between the toes as this could encourage fungal growth.

You should ensure that your shoes are suitable for your activities when you shop for new shoes. It is important to be active regularly, especially if you are getting older. Along with activity-appropriateness, you need shoes that fit correctly. This not only reduces the risk of many common foot problems, but also makes shoes more comfortable.

You can reduce your risk by making sure your nails are straightened and trimmed to the same level as your toes. However, ingrown toenails can sometimes occur for reasons that are not related to the way you cut your nails. Contact our office if you experience this problem. We will gladly provide professional treatment to help you find relief and lower your chance of infection.

Exercise is good for your feet, more than you realize. You can do simple exercises at home like walking on a treadmill. Walking on a treadmill can improve foot circulation and prevent many diseases of the heart. You should take a few minutes every day to stretch your lower limbs. Maintaining a healthy body will help you avoid future problems.

This tip is more for those with diabetes and neuropathy. Always wear the correct footwear, even if you’re at home. Many harmful microorganisms can enter the bloodstream via the feet, even through the smallest of openings. You can avoid serious problems by taking steps to protect your feet. This doesn’t take a lot of effort.

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