How to Use Testimonials to Create A High Converting Sales Page

Testimonials are essential parts of a high converting sales page since they help to build trust in your visitors toward you. I think I don’t salepage even have to mention that you should use real testimonials on your site, because it is very hard to build up trust and if you lose it, you will hardly get it back.

People are very suspicious. In most of the cases it is not enough that you use real testimonials, if your visitors think that they are not real. There are some ideas that can help you to increase the trust of your visitors in your testimonials and thus to create a high converting sales page.

There are several kinds of testimonials you can use to create a high converting sales page:

Testimonials in text format are the most widely spread types., they are the most easy to create. You can use feedbacks from your customer (that they agreed that you can publish) or you can directly ask them to tell their opinion about your service or product.To prove their validity you can attach their picture, a photo of their signature, right there the place where they live, their job, etc. and it is very useful to put their website there – if they have. Make sure that the link is correct and the website is working, otherwise it will look like that you just made up some fake URL, and it will ruin your visitors trust and decrease your chances to have a high converting sales page.

A bit more complicated to create, but builds up trust more easily are the audio testimonials. You can ask your customers to record their opinion, or you can ask them i.e. through Skype and with their consent you can record and use the conversation on your high converting sales page. You can make these types of testimonials stronger also with the tips I have mentioned in the previous paragraph (photo, name, curl, etc…)

The last one on the list and the most effective type of testimonials is the video testimonial. It is going to give you’re the most creditability, but it seems to be the most complicated to create. In this case your visitors can not only hear but watch as well at the same time how your customer tells his opinion. It doesn’t have to be a professional video; what’s more it can be even more effective if they can see that it is a homemade video.Nowadays it isn’t as big deal to create a video. You can use a webcam or your phone. So you just have to find out how to convince your customers to give you their feedbacks this way.

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